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The Makia Story

  ...if you look into a musicians heart, you will find the whole world at home!

MAKIA is a 6-piece Latin-Fusion-Band based in Frankfurt. The musicians, a mix of professionals and semi-pros, including natives from Mexico and Cuba, regularly get their audience up and dancing – even the most reluctant bystanders.

On top of their classic band set-up, MAKIA impresses with a brass and percussion section. They have created their own unique sound, mixing Reggae, Rock, HipHop, Funk, Soul and Cumbia into a fruity and explosive musical Cocktail.

MAKIA is Hawaiian and means “everything is energy”. It is hardly possible to avoid the energy, when their musicians enter the stage. With hot blood, they carry the sun in their hearts and music in their legs.

Over the last three years, they have featured at over one hundred concerts, crossing the country between Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Leipzig and Munich – among others, as a support for Stefanie Heinzmann, Jamaram, and Casa Verde Colectivo from Mexico.

Their stage highlights include a Netherland Tour, the Schlossgrabenfest in Darmstadt, Bad Homburger Sommer, Trebur Open Air, Karben Open Air, Museumsuferfest and Airport in Frankfurt.

Their successful first single “El Inicio” (Beginning) was released in January 2015. Then on 24 February 2018, MAKIA presented their first album to the public – “Siente la Música”.

Their Spanish lyrics pick up on and criticize capitalism, corruption and racism. They encourage you to feel with your heart, to follow your dreams and to live without limitations! The best way to describe the MAKIA-style is “fire, energy, and heart”. A colourful mix of summer, sun, and beaches – a Holiday!

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